The Arbitration Division of JNSS LEGAL CELL helps you resolve a variety of disputes – no matter how complex your dispute is. JNSS Arbitrators are seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in various walks of life and industry and are experts in resolving claims or disputes involving individuals and businesses and disputes between Businesses/Companies.

The JNSS Arbitration process is your ticket to deliverance if you have any dispute arising out of an unfulfilled contractual obligation or claim for monetary damages arising out of a commercial or individual agreement. JNSS may be able to provide the much desired relief through mediation or a binding arbitration.

JNSS is a name to reckon with in ODRs i.e. Online Dispute Resolutions and it resolves claims through arbitration quickly and efficiently in a much cost efficient manner than with traditional litigation. The JNSS Arbitration process is so simple that anyone can participate in arbitration without any formal training or legal representation. With a minimum effort parties can file their evidences like photographs, witness statements, police reports, video and audio recordings, etc. electronically from their offices. Also hearings are done both physically and through online platforms like Zoom, Microsoft teams or Google meet. The seat of arbitration for physical hearings is decided as per mutual consent and it could be the place of residence/business of the claimant or the respondent or any other place as mutually agreed to by both parties.   

Hearings are usually held within 30 days of completion of documentary submissions and an AWARD will be rendered typically within 30 days after the final hearing. No longer do you have to wait for months or years to RESOLVE your business disputes promptly and conclusively. In cases where the parties feel a settlement conference would be helpful, JNSS also offers mediations, which are also handled professionally through platforms of convenience and through individual and joint conferences.


Whether you are trying to collect money or defending a case against someone who is seeking to recover money, litigation is a no-win situation for all parties. In INDIA, businesses/people are spending a fortune in lawyer’s fees, in addition to other ancillary litigation costs, to pursue or defend against claims they have or which are brought against them. In many instances, even the simplest litigation takes years to complete. The bulk and burden of Cases on our Courts is not a hidden matter to anyone anymore besides the frustration involved in going through the cumbersome litigation process is no less menacing particularly when having spent all your time and money all that you get in return is another tareeqh (date).

Outstanding claims and receivables can have a profound effect on the financial health of a business, and therefore expedient conflict resolution can be critically important to businesses of any size. Spending time on receivables takes resources away from generating more revenue. The opportunity costs are immense. Many times, smaller business disputes go unresolved due to the costs and time associated with litigation or other dispute resolution alternatives. The JNSS Arbitration process provides a simple, affordable solution to even the most complex of disputes between the warring parties.


Individuals are also faced with either pursuing claims they have against a business or otherwise have to respond or defend themselves for lawsuits filed against them. Most individuals can’t afford good lawyers to represent them, let alone find the time to appear at court proceedings. Consequently, businesses very often get EX-PARTE judgments against individuals rather than resolutions to the claims. In cases where the parties feel a settlement conference would be helpful, JNSS offers mediations, which are also handled physically, telephonically or through video conferences.

Transactions between individuals and businesses include loans from bank, property rentals or issues pertaining to lease, car loans, disputes with e-commerce businesses, work involving independent contractors/ frachisees (e.g., electricians, plumbers, and repair specialists), and problems with Wills, Estates and Trusts. Disagreements often arise between these parties. Until now, litigation has been the most common way to resolve these disputes.


In India, a large percentage of disagreements or disputes end up into unnecessary legal battle in the Court which consumes not only a lot of time but also costs a lot of money too. In many cases, the only winners are the lawyers.

Arbitration as a way to settle disputes is now finally becoming the most promoted and the most accepted method to resolve differences or settle disputes. Also India is aiming to become the Arbitration Hub of the world.

Simply put, mediation and binding arbitration are effective ways of resolving differences privately, without the need to enter a courtroom in a format acknowledged, recognized and enforced by the Indian Judiciary.

PRIMARY REQUIREMENT: The Arbitration Clause

To resolve your disputes through arbitration, it is required that your business/ civil contracts / Agreements should at inception or subsequently through a supplementary, incorporate an abitration clause like this one –

“All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by Arbitration the Award of which shall be final and binding on both/ all parties. The arbitration shall be conducted by JNSS LEGAL CELL and the parties shall be bound by the JNSS Arbitration Rules published at The JNSS Arbitration Process concludes with the passing of speaking Awards i.e. All decisions are written and well explained. Any such arbitration shall be conducted by an Arbitrator who has immense experience in industry or legal or both.


All efforts are made to resolve matters expeditiously. In the most ideal conditions where both the Claimant and Respondent cooperate to the fullest, JNSS may pass a REWARD within 90 days of the Claim having been filed before it.


An award of arbitration may (if the need so arises) be enforced through a court of competent jurisdiction by filing an Execution Petition.



The fee for Arbitration will be governed in accordance to the mandates laid out under the Fourth Schedule of the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act 2019. We shall be happy to send you a quote



The best time to contact us is at the time of drafting your Contract or Agreement. This is when due diligence is required. However you can always add/amend your contracts with mutual consent and doing it when things look rosy and green have been considered to be wise and cost effective. The JNSS Arbitration Process is simple, fast and affordable. We look forward to resolve your disputes with our online / offline arbitration services.


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